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Endorsements and Testimonials

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Fairfax Education Association (FEA-PAC) endorses Rachna Sizemore Heizer for the Democratic nomination for Fairfax County School Board At Large


CASA in Action Endorses Rachna Sizemore Heizer

These leaders embrace the enormous diversity in our schools and support the investments necessary to ensure immigrant families have the tools they need to succeed . Luis Aguilar, Virginia State Director for CASA in Action, the largest electoral organization fighting for immigrant rights in the Mid-Atlantic region, stated: “We are confident that our endorsed candidates … and Rachna Sizemore Heizer, a child of immigrants and a professor who has advocated for inclusion for all students - will ensure that all Fairfax County public schools can be institutions that embrace equity and inclusion for every child to succeed.


I’m honored to have the endorsement of a legendary Fairfax County leader - Gerry Hyland

Gerry was a member of the Fairfax County Board of Supervisors for Mount Vernon for 27 years. Supervisor Hyland was known for being a collaborative leader who championed our schools, believed in community policing, and saved Mount Vernon hospital. So it meant a lot when he said to me, "You have an impressive set of skills and knowledge and an obviously deep passion for improving education for all of our children in all parts of the county.I think you will be a great school board member and you have my endorsement."


Senator Chap Petersen has officially endorsed Rachna for Fairfax County School Board!

“[Rachna is] one of those people who works hard for other people. The test of leadership is can you inspire other people to be loyal to you and if you look around this room, she has that ability. I endorse her. I can’t think of a better person then Rachna Sizemore Heizer,” said Senator Petersen.


FCFT (Fairfax County Federation of Teachers) Endorses Rachna Sizemore Heizer’s Campaign for Fairfax County School Board at Large


Testimonial from Delegate Eileen-Filler Corn

Rachna has a unique ability to work with stakeholders to bring people together toward a common goal. So there is no doubt in my mind that Rachna will be a fabulous member of the school board. Because she is proven, she is tested.”


BlueVirginia Endorses Rachna Sizemore Heizer

“It’s important, by the way, to stress that Sizemore Heizer is not one-dimensional in her focus on disabilities. To the contrary, as we discussed in our conversation, Sizemore Heizer is passionately committed to making sure that all FCPS students succeed, whether their talents lie in academic, artistic, or vocational areas, and focusing on “teach[ing] to our students’ strength…not using their challenges to limit their potential.”


Shirley Ginwright, chair of Fairfax County Communities of Trust Committee endorse Rachna’s campaign

“I am pleased to endorse Rachna Sizemore Heizer for the Fairfax County School Board at large. I first saw Rachna when she was moderating a forum on juvenile justice reform. … What impressed me most was her concern for children with disabilities and how their lives are or could be impacted through the juvenile justice system and what we should be doing to correct the problem, as well as her compassion and passion for improving education for all our students.

“When she sees a problem, she speaks up, offers solutions, and works tirelessly to implement those solutions. She sees all students as equally valuable, equally human, and equally deserving of a high-quality education that supports their academic and emotional needs.”


Gerry Connolly Testimonial

Rachna Sizemore Heizer is passionate, experienced, and well prepared to make a positive impact on our schools and communities as a member of the Fairfax County School Board. I’ve known Rachna through her many years of service ... I’ve been very impressed at the depth of her policy knowledge and her ability to find creative solutions to difficult problems. She is that person who sees a problem and works tirelessly to fix it. Rachna has the knowledge, experience, passion, and ability to get things done.”


Testimonial from Fairfax County Board of Supervisors Chairman Sharon Bulova

Rachna’s the most incredible advocate. She’s someone who doesn’t let adversity get her down. When something has happened in her life, she takes it and turns it into something positive and turns it into something that’s going to change the lives of so many people.”


State Senator George Barker endorses Rachna Sizemore Heizer

Rachna has an in-depth knowledge of the challenges facing our schools, with proactive and insightful proposals for solutions, an admirable passion for improving education for all of our students across the county, and a unique vision of strengths-focused education. The breadth of skills she possesses combined with that passion is exactly what our school board needs. Her extensive and proven experience will serve us well as a school board member. I wholeheartedly endorse Rachna for Fairfax County School Board at Large.”


I am honored for the endorsement of Mt. Vernon Delegate Paul Krizek

“I am pleased to endorse Rachna Sizemore Heizer for the Fairfax County School Board at large. She has the compassion and the passion for improving education for all our students across the county, from southeast Fairfax to the northernmost parts such as McLean to west in Reston and Herndon, and southwest to Chantilly and Centerville and all areas in between. She brings a unique vision of holistic and inclusive strengths-focused education, and an impressive breadth of skills and experience our school board needs. She has built a reputation for working collaboratively with diverse stakeholders to get things done that have helped Fairfax County residents and students. It is my honor to endorse her and I do so with great enthusiasm. She will be an excellent school board member.