Rachna Sizemore Heizer, J.D.

Candidate for Fairfax County
School Board At-Large

Rachna Sizemore Heizer is a college professor, disability justice advocate, lawyer, first generation American, and parent of a current FCPS student and a recent FCPS graduate. She has a successful Track Record of working with local, state, and federal leadership and community organizations to bring real change.

Rachna started advocating in 2007 when she realized our school system had room for improvement in educating children who don’t neatly fit into a predetermined “bucket.” Her daughter excelled in the Advanced Academic Program, but only after Rachna convinced the school that her daughter’s mental health needs shouldn’t disqualify her from the program. Rachna’s son is a talented musician, but because he’s also in special education classes, she had to fight for him to be included in school music programs.

In talking with other parents, Rachna realized others have similar stories, regardless of what program their child is in. She became an advocate, fighting for all kids to be equally valued and accepted, with equally high expectations for all.

Rachna has the breadth of skills and knowledge necessary to oversee a large complex organization such as FCPS, bringing the experience and leadership to ensure consistency, transparency, and fiscal responsibility.

In her spare time, Rachna is a fitness instructor and loves to cook. Her most important roles are roadie and groupie for her son, Jake Sizemore, musician with autism and cheerleader for her daughter, Laura Sizemore, a sophomore studying computer science at Cornell.

Education and Experience

  • Law degree and Bachelor of Arts in Political Economy from the University of California at Berkeley

  • Coordinator of online Human Resource Development Curriculum and Instruction, responsible for developing high quality online classes and programs and supporting online instruction at Texas Tech University

  • Professor teaching Employment Law, Leadership, Staffing Strategies, Human Relations, and Diversity and Cultural Competency online at Texas Tech University

  • Former President of Blaye Solutions Management, a consulting firm offering management consulting and ADA/EEOC Compliance Training

  • Former professor of Constitutional and Criminal Law at George Mason University

Service on Community BoardS

  • Braddock District appointee to the board of the Fairfax-Falls Church Community Services Board (CSB)

  • Appointed member of the Fairfax County Public School Board’s Advisory Committee for Students with Disabilities since 2012

  • Board Member of the Fairfax County Alliance for Human Services

  • Board member of the Fairfax County Special Education PTA

  • One of only three community members of the Fairfax County Public School’s Inclusion Workgroup

  • Former Board member of the ARC of Northern Virginia and continues to work with the ARC on advocacy efforts

Trainings and Conference Presentations

Community and Advocacy Trainings Developed and Presented

  • “Strengths-Based Education for Students with Disabilities”

  • “Cultural Competency and Workplace Accommodations for People with Behavioral Disabilities”

  • “Disability Inclusion across Political Movements” 

  • “For Parents: Successful Transitions in School”

Conferences and Appearances

  • Rachna has presented at numerous conferences, including the Netroots Nation Conference, the Online Learning Consortium Accelerate Conference, the Network Nova Women’s Summit, the National Education Association, the NAACP Juvenile Justice symposium, The RISE district conference and the Fairfax County Special Education Conference.

  • Rachna has also spoken on several television, radio shows, and podcasts about strengths based education and inclusion, including WTOP radio, The Dean Obeidallah Show on Sirius XM, Inside Scoop, Kitchen Table Conversations, and The Progressive Happy Hour Podcast. (link to in the news)

  • Her work at Texas Tech in developing a quality online program was featured in the online publication Inside Higher Ed.