• A strengths-focused education that fosters all of our students’ strengths, whether that be academic, artistic, or vocational, with equitable access to programs and opportunities

  • Equity of access to advanced academics and enrichment programs and equity of resources to close gaps

  • Ensure all teachers, staff, and administrators have the proper training and support to understand the characteristics and needs of ALL the populations they serve in order to foster inclusive schools where each child is given a high quality education that meets their needs.

  • A positive working environment for teachers and staff with competitive pay and a balanced workload

  • A holistic education that teaches students to read analytically, communicate effectively, work collaboratively, and think critically and prepares them for the 21st century

  • Schools that teach to our students’ strength, and do not use their challenges to limit their potential

  • Administrators with the skills and knowledge to provide appropriate supports for our students, families, and educators

  • Consistent implementation of programs and use of best practices across the county to provide a high quality education for all our students

  • A positive school environment for our children, with increased mental health and behavioral support, efforts to reduce bullying, and emphasis on restorative rather than punitive justice, to reduce restraint, seclusion, suspensions, or criminalizing youth behavior.

  • Strategic and equitable use of resources to close achievement gaps and ensure all our kids are provided the high-quality education for which FCPS is known

  • System-wide consistent implementation of programs and use of best practices to reduce inefficiencies and improve transparency, with training and support for school personnel on implementation of those programs

  • Increased collaboration across departments, especially special education and general education, to ensure appropriate supports and foster meaningful inclusion for all our students where appropriate

  • Positive behavior intervention, trauma informed and mindfulness strategies to address discipline issues and improve mental health outcomes

  • End the use of restraint and seclusion except limited use in threats of extreme bodily harm so we are not traumatizing our most vulnerable students and provide appropriate behavior supports instead

  • Schools that are safe and positive learning environments where students are equally respected, supported, and included, regardless of where they were born, gender identity, disability status, race, religion, sexual orientation

  • Ensuring a transparent and collaborative trusting relationship between schools, families, and the community because we are all partners in educating our youth

  • Seamless transitions into our schools for families moving to our area, including for our military connected youth and families, ensuring access to information about our programs and resources.

  • Creative and cost-effective solutions to address our infrastructure issues

  • Support for students’ emotional needs as well as their academic needs

  • Innovative, effective technology that enhances -- not replaces -- live teaching

  • Partnerships with local companies and community organizations to enhance enrichment programs for all our schools while expanding community schools in areas of high poverty

  • A school system known for its green energy and sustainability programs

  • Robust civics education so our students know how to be informed participants in our democracy

Quality Education
All Students

Equity of access, equity of resources, and equity of opportunity is vital to fulfilling the Fairfax Promise of quality education for ALL. Overcrowded classrooms, inconsistencies in resources and programs from school to school, achievement, and discipline gaps have all lead to inequities in services and inequities in results. Strategic and equitable use of resources is vital to closing these gaps and providing all our students the high-quality education for which FCPS is renowned.  With the changing demographics in Fairfax County, we must ensure our teachers, administrators, and staff are trained in understanding and meeting the needs of ALL the populations they serve. This is especially true for some of our most vulnerable populations and those with the worst outcomes - our students with disabilities.


Our teachers and staff must feel valued and supported so we retain our world class educators. Competitive pay and benefits are crucial but that is just a start. We need to ensure all our schools create a positive working environment that fosters collaboration, transparency and respect, where teachers feel comfortable speaking and being heard. And I will work to make sure our teachers and staff receive the training AND implementation support they need so they have the skills to give our kids the education they deserve.

Valuing Student Strengths

Each child deserves a strong and holistic education that will prepare them to be citizens in the 21st century – academics balanced with collaboration and communication skills – while allowing them to pursue their own strengths and interests. We need to ensure our students have a robust civics education so they can be informed participants in our democracy. Our schools should foster all types of interest, whether it be academic, artistic, career, or vocational. Our students’ challenges should not limit their potential. Every child, regardless of who they are, are equally worthy and equally capable of writing their own life story. Our job is to give them the tools and support to do so.

Being Good Stewards

We have to be stewards of our schools AND good citizens in our community. That means using our resources wisely, strategically, and with an eye to preserving our planet’s future. I will work to bring green energy solutions to our schools.

Strengths-Focused Holistic Education for All

My immigrant parents taught me American dream belongs to us all equally, regardless of race, disability status, gender identity, religion, sexual orientation, language, or whether you were born here or came from somewhere else.  As a first generation American, I understand the immigrant experience and also understand what it means to be a citizen of our great democracy. I firmly believe we all are equally valuable and equally human. And all our children deserve a strengths-focused and holistic education that prepares them for the 21st century world.